It’s now in general release here in the Bay Area, and getting increasingly crappy reviews. I attended the early SF screening + panel/cast discussion with the director, Jonathan Nossiter, here in SF, and was irritated by Nossiter’s arrogance. When confronted by some of those whom he portayed in a less-than-positive light in the film, he claimed that they were reading into a message that wasn’t there — essentially, he was claiming himself to be objective, and that they were taking his portrayals too personally. Yet when the audience made legitimate, critical comments about aspects of the film during the discussion, he started cutting off people mid-stream to defend himself. He must be apoplectic over the media reviews of the film now. And yes, the film is too long.

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  1. Erik, just a question, but did you happen to graduate from BC in 93/94? If so, send me a note — it’s your old friend Ed Nawotka —–>

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