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This has the potential to be a cool social networking experiment (it’s literally part of a social networking experiment called the Trust and Reputation Project), but is failing miserably so far. The service asks you how you rate a series of films and then generates a output of your profile — click here for mine. The problem is that they have 10x the number of users who are “friendless” like me compared to those with friends. It’s depressing the crap out of me because I don’t need to be reminded of my lacking social skills. Or maybe it’s the fact that my favorite movie quote is from Gordon Gekko? It’s probably both. There is no ‘autodiscovery’ feature of users who are like me, and what their newest film recommedations might be — classic collaborative filtering. The search engine doesn’t even let you search for other users based on their favorite films. Still I like the FOAFing potential here.


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  1. Asif says:

    Thanks guys! You all are awesome. Teacher/Learner – The boottm is a fake book, that I store things in on my desk at home. The main stack is my collection of Penguin cloth-bound classics, then The Moonstone, The Invisible Man, Good Omens and on the top is Les Mis.

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