TheFeature :: SMS Activism: Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You

Another very interesting article from TheFeature. Commentary on the rise of activism through mobile technologies (think flashmobs).

In the spirit of building a community of interest around mobile technologies, TheFeature encourages users to register, and as part of their loyalty system awards ‘karma’ points based on activity, number of posts etc.

Ironically, as I discovered in reading through their Help section, the site is actually owned and operated by Nokia. Which makes me wonder about the role that content/community is now playing in helping companies market. By registering with the site, Nokia has the potential to do some incredible database marketing against a base of users who are interested in content that relates to their core market. And the content I’ve read so far appears to be unbiased in its coverage (I haven’t seen a single article about Nokia products). Does this portend a new trend in media? Companies have begun embracing corporate blogs over the last few years — but I wonder if we’ll see a future in which special-interest blogs that have no brand affiliation with the commercial owner/operator compete with the same media outlets those vendors are advertising their products and services through?

TheFeature :: SMS Activism: Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You


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