I’m not into birdwatching, but this site could convert me. Absolutely the coolest features I have seen on such a niche site. Check out the BirdBrain technology. Awesomeness.

GeoBirds – Welcome to GeoBirds


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  1. James Peters says:

    Thanks for the compliment! We’ve had lots of fun developing the site, especially for people like yourself!


  2. Boedi says:

    Hi: I do not know if you can help me. In the 1950 s as a teenager I heelpd Roy Fairbrother (Former Director of Dell Quay) to construct a 505. The hull was clod laminated over a mould. In the 1960 s I was privileged to act as crew in this dinghy. I now wish to produce a model of this dinghy, the initial sticking point, I do not have any suitable drawings of the hull. With the relevant information I can produce a set of Auto Cad drawings and scale them to the required size. I will then be able to produce loftings printing these on to aluminium sheet, and then cutting them out to produce templates, and using these produce the mould. Can you please supply me with this information in any format whatsoever? If you cannot can you furnish me with any contacts that might be able to help. I will, at a later date require further information on the rigging, sales and deck fittings. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards Brian Harding

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