Learning Another Language in Second Life

As reported by the MIT Technology Review, if only this had been around sooner, my efforts to learn Italian would have been more successful by now. Languagelab.com is setting up shop in SL, using the virtual world to recreate settings from the ‘real world’ – providing a fully immersive experience to exercise language skills. I can say from experience that I’ve only gotten better in Italian by using the language in social situations, and in a simulated social environmennt (in a virtual restaurant for example), I’m guessing the same perceived ‘risk’ is there, without it really being present — I can try to order my virtual latte, and whether I screw up or not, it’s still not really a latte. Guess I need to get myself a SL account. I wish these guys had tried this with There.com, where I actually do have an account. :p


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