Web 2.0 Social Strategies Conference

Just finished speaking last week at the Internet Strategy Forum’s conference in Portland. Saw some amazing speakers as well including Rob Scoble, Yahoo’s CMO Cammie Dunaway, and Rey Ramsey who is CEO of OneEconomy, a non-profit dedicated to bringing broadband access and other internet services to those living in challenged conditions. While I don’t think it was among my ‘best’ presentations, I was really excited to talk about the hype cycle I think Web 2.0 is currently in, and what I thought marketers and technologists in the audience really needed to take away from the conference: namely, that we should be looking beyond viral marketing and social technology, and putting our energy instead into using blogs, social networks, and other social media to invite users & customers to become integral partners in the product development process. Not a lot has been written about this phenomenon to-date, except for a great article I just heard about by Dion Hinchcliffe on what he calls ‘Product Development 2.0‘. Also, feel free to ping me for a copy of the presentation.

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  1. Nick Thomas says:

    I enjoyed your comments at the ISF. I’d love to get a copy of your presentation.nicholasthomasin2m.com


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